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Corporate Associates Pty Ltd was incorporated on the 19th day of October 1970.

Corporate Collections is a division of Corporate Associates Pty Ltd, a fully Australian owned company that has been servicing clients? needs in the field of DEBT RECOVERY and LITIGATION. We are a fully licensed and bonded Commercial Agency.

The directors of Corporate Associates Pty Ltd, Mr G. J. (Jim) Hinchcliffe and Mr F. A. (Fred) Goodall, hold licenses under the Private Agents Act and together have had over 50 years experience in the debt recovery process.
Under the Director?s guidance, Corporate Collections have continued to sustain strong growth. This has been achieved as a result of concentration on developing our computer systems, internal and external communications and staff training. This has, in turn, produced EXCELLENT SERVICE for our clients with Cost Effective Results.
Corporate Collections appreciate that your company requires quality work, service and value from the service provider.
We accept the need to be accountable and to deliver our services to in a fashion that is of quality and both effective and cost efficient.
Whilst Corporate Collections are involved in providing Debt Collecting services to a variety of large and small business organisations, they also provide Debt Collection service to Local Government Municipalities.
Our Debt Recovery experience is not generally limited to one field; indeed our clients vary from professions such as Finance, Insurance, Hospitals, Medical, Transport, Publishing, Retailing, Education and Government Services.
Our staff have extensive knowledge, training and experience enabling us to provide full Mercantile services including Total Ledger Management, Skip Tracing, File Checks, Repossession?s and Process Service. Our Debt Recovery services are provided both Australia wide, and overseas via affiliated offices. Currently we act for clients in Taiwan, Malaysia & the United States of America and conversely we are handling overseas recoveries for clients based in Australia.
Corporate Collections take the view that not only are we instructed to collect debts, but to do so in the most professional manner possible. All actions undertaken are done so within the letter of the law, in line with the spirit of the law, professionally and devoid or any personal taints.
Our collection philosophy is simple. We will create a desired collection strategy, based on the philosophies and views of your company in an endeavour to maximise returns.
Maintaining the professional image of your company/organisation is of paramount importance to us, we pride ourselves on using an appropriate and measured amount of tact, thus allowing the debtor every opportunity to repay any outstanding monies.
At the same time, we realise that your requirement is to enhance the recoveries of overdue rates and general accounts and we take the view that a close working relationship will be established with your internal staff, thereby simplifying the collection procedures.


Company Details

Address ::
Ground Floor
45-49 Star Crescent

Telephone: (03) 8795-7728
Facsimile: (03) 8795-7735

Mailing Address ::
PO Box 5049
Hallam Business Centre
Hallam, 3803


Asia Representative
Address: Room 1316, 318 Da De Road, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China
Post code: 510120
Tel: 8620 - 83389663
Fax: 8620 - 83386162


8620 - 83389663
8620 - 83386162